About Without Pedestal

The three figures together
detail of withouth pedestal

Without pedestal are three sculptures that make up a sequence. An invitation to climb down from the comfort zone because it is the only way to look at it in perspective and recognize it in its faults.

This piece itself tells a short story about the difficulty of expressing oneself.

(2015). Beautiful Pedestal. Alabaster, Plasticrete (resin) and crystals, 14 x 44 x 24 cm. Barcelona.

Nohely Ybert (2015). Still remains a Pedestal. Alabaster, Plasticrete (resin) and crystals, 17 x 51 x 20 cm. Barcelona.

Nohely Ybert (2015). Without Pedestal. Alabaster and Plasticrete (resin), 14 x 55 x 13 cm. Barcelona.

Images of W. Pedestal