About Pluriversality

how the sculpture works?
detail of pluriversality

When the lights are adjacent or equal “the OTHER” disappears.

Pluriversality is an epoxy sculpture able to interact with people using its light and color as a media.

There are two lights, one by each figure. The two lights can be complementary, adjacent or equal depending on the distance of the people who are around the piece. The light is controlled by algorithms that interpret the data collected by the two sonars of the piece.

This project started as a theoretical work about the claim of universality against the idea of Pluriversality in relation to the legitimation of knowledge. It seems that, historically, knowledge has been something that comes from some individuals, not from all ‘humans’ who inhabit the earth.

I used color lights to represent the idea of being interested in “the other”. So, when people are far away from this sculpture, the colors are complementary by mutual disinterest, but, if people are near enough, the lights become equals because of the interaction between spectators and sculpture. An exchange of information.

(2015). Pluriversality. Epoxy resin and LEDs, 86’5 x 149 x 83 cm. Barcelona.

Images of Pluriversality