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detail of iDay

iDay (Innovation Days) is an initiative of EIT Health led by Imperial College London, which welcomes and organizes the University of Barcelona.

StartUB, Innovation Days

In the 2020 edition, an interplanetary adventure based in the search of the knowledge to avoid a new collapse of humanity serves as a common thread for the participants, divided into interdisciplinary groups (crews), to seek answers to today’s challenges.

In collaboration with MQL and the University of Barcelona, I have had the opportunity to direct and create the art of the iDay 2020 platform. From the architecture and the graphic design of the various screens that shape it, to the creation of the illustrations and the mixed media (2D and 3D) motion graphics.

(2020). Innovation Days. Conceptualization, graphic design, and Animation of iDay. University of Barcelona and Másquelearning (MQL). Barcelona.