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The legend goes, that the great demoness China Supay, queen of hell, came to the mortal's world in search of fun. But discovering this time, the love through the delirious Bolivian ritual of Jacha Tata Danzanti.

Delirium Danzanti is a new legend, a tale with traditional roots and fantastic symbolisms that transcends borders. Through the meeting of two original characters from different Bolivian celebrations and located in the timelessness of the party, it narrates a brief but delirious love story, from the artistic and experimental.

It is an original idea of Heidi Valda Lanza, created as an animated short film together with Sara Fort, Regina Insenser, Laura Portolés and me, Nohely Ybert, in full collaboration as an artist women team in the Master of Animation of Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).

(2018). Delirium Danzanti. 3D Animation, 00:04:38”. Barcelona.

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