As a visual artist, my purpose is to give visibility to the discourses of collectives who have been historically silenced. Knowing different cultures gives me a great understanding of social relationships, since questioning and analyzing them allows me to represent myself from a holistic perspective.

I work in conceptual figuration because it is the most familiar language to express myself, as it can have depth and movement, surprise, and give a disruptive sensorial dimension. Additionally, it allows explaining abstract and difficult to express concepts, to overcome language barriers, and to transmit images and sensations creatively. I use interactivity, which brings playfulness and emotion to the experience. In that way, the work transcends in memory in a period of information overload.

My creative process is always in constant transformation. I start by soaking up in literature from distant cultures, feminist work, contemporary art, precolonial or international policy. My challenge is to conceptualize these ideas and bring different cultural imaginaries together in my work, attending to the detail, level of interactivity, and transmedia discourse. In order to select the medium, be it pictorial, sculptural or animation, I define the experience and level of playfulness I want the spectators to obtain, since the latter is the protagonist of my work.

My art makes sense to the extent that it is projected as a starting point to articulate discourses that join people and create equity scenarios to share ideas and memorable experiences.

To know more about me, please, take a look at my work and click the symbol " " on my projects.


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