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About me



My name is Nohely Ybert and I’m a visual artist specialized in traditional sculpture, 3d modelling and graphic design.

I make art projects, among which I would highlight the bronze and resin sculptures and the oil or Chinese ink paintings.

I am a technology enthusiast, in fact, some of my works are the result of combining traditional sculpture with integrated technologies with microprocessors or with 3d digital creation.

My career final project explores the communication, interaction and cultural diversity as a part of human activity integrating plastic materials with Led technology and Arduino. On the other hand, my master final project is a short film that aims to merge two different Bolivian legends, one from the carnivals of the big cities “La China Supay” and the other one, from rural areas “Jacha Tata Danzanti”.

Moreover, I am gaining experience in graphic design and animation. In my job, I can animate in 2D, using after effects and traditional animation, design logotypes, packaging, illustrate and layout e-learnings, guides and webs.

My goal is to be creative director and an artist that collaborates with the knowledge legitimation of all cultures.

The graph shows my interest. To know more about me, please, take a look at my work and click the symbol " " on my projects.

Oil painting

XieYi and Gongbi painting

Modeling clay, Molds, silicon and resins

Casting and Stone carving

Digital painting

Graphic design


3D Modeling and Lighting